Connect groups are weekly gatherings which normally take place in private homes where we engage, empower and encourage each other. We help one another to follow Jesus, and to have fellowship with each other. The groups comprise of 8-12 people and are always open to newcomers. 

You can join a english speaking Connect group by contacting the groups below.

You are welcome to check out the groups in Danish as well. They are categorized as Classic groups, Youth groups, Theme groups and Family groups. 

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Reka ‭50 13 31 28 / Zalan 52 65 22 88‬

Reka ‭50 13 31 28 / Zalan 52 65 22 88‬

We meet on Fridays

We are an international family connect group with the main focus to meet as families and share life and our christian belief with one another. 
We always eat together from 5 pm to approximately 6 o’clock. 

After that we come together in worship, prayer and dialog about the preaching from the previous sunday. 

The kids are welcome, but it is not them, who sets the agenda. Some days they will take more energi than others and we will try to set the ambitions so it fits with the amount of energi and time.

We desire for the kids to have a natural experience of being in a christian fellowship both in prayer and worship. Besides that we would like the children to have a good time and strengthen the relationship between them by playing together, while the adults talk. 

Time: Fridays 5.00-8.00 PM (approximately) 

Place: We take turn visit each others homes (unless we are more than 4 families, then we meet in the church)

Expectations for you: 
- That you want to be a part of the church life on Sundays. 
- That you are a family with small children
- That you speak/understand english
- That you are willing to take turn on preparing/bring food for the group.